Pietro Catalano


** is an advisor, investor and entrepreneur

After finished the University of Classic Music in Luzern and Lugano Pietro ways were attracted to the fashion, art, music and food. Pietro Catalano became to manage 3 italian family restaurants where Pietro successfully built with he’s family , at the same time Pietro managed he's own SuitArt Fashion store in the field of made to measure which were the first successful franchise project, and was involved to develp the SuitArt AG & DiamondHeels AG in the year of 2011-2013

Pietro Catalano experience in developing of the fashion brand got some international positive feedback and where asked to share he’s experience in Moscow Chamber of Commerce in 2015 of october where Pietro as an invited speaker among such a famous brands / groups like Baldinini Italy , Pompa Russia , Elena Shipilova Russia and Glance Russia.

Pietro speech and ideas raised a big interest and he got an invitation to tell more about familys restaurant concept on the conference «Economy of future in Russia focus on Restauran Concept Store » Pietro ideas got strong interest from the swiss governmental bodies.

Pietro Catalano develop in the years a strong personal Network around the world, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Russia, Italy and Monaco. With he’s deep knowledge of the industry and strong sector contacts, Pietro connect successful personality in the field of Music, Fashion, Art, Wine, Gastronomy and Commodity.

Eliyah Reichen - Byond Groove Records


Is A Genius Jazz & Electronic Musician

After getting a Master of Arts in Jazz Piano Performance at the University of music in Switzerland, Eliyah is working his ways to become a well known Artist, pianist and producer, playing and collaborating all over the world. He had David Bowie's musicians recording for him, well-known singer and bass legend Meshell Ndegeocello, Herbie Hancock and Marcus Miller's collaborator Gregoire Maret and many more. Besides his pianist and composer activity, he's busy as a producer and recording engineer and works exclusively with special and rare instruments, microphones, mixing consoles and recording gear from the past century mixed with digital technology of nowadays to ensure a sound quality that rivals to the best studios on the planet. He's also involved in the visual recording of concerts and performances and video production with a multi-camera setup. All this combined together gives Eliyah a full and proper multi-media production capability to be able to create unique videos and music for individual musicians and companies, all of this with a strong personality.

Eliyah's studio is based in Basel Switzerland with his label Beyond Groove Records. Eliyah successfully released his debut album "Aphrotek - Stories" available on Vinyl, CD and digitally in May 2018 and licensed it into a label Japan for a special Japanese edition to be released there early October 2018.

"With music, we create infinite emotions"

Manfred Nicoletti


Manfred Nicoletti is a well-known entrepreneur. After a successful export manager career with Trisa Switzerland, he builds a strong network around the globe.

The passion of Manfred is wine, and over the years he builds an important numerous client-partner base in wine-import & export. Manfred got part as an independent wine consulting specialist for Group Catalano.

Giuseppe Catalano


Giuseppe Master of Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) in wine & Olive oil. Giuseppe Catalano is part of the Family Catalano and he is active in Italy. Thanks, he's deep knowledge he tests and analyse our newest import product direct from the producer.


Andrea Liguori


before Andrea graduating with honors in architecture, he has dedicated himself to professional research in the field of architecture and design through participation in numerous national and international competitions and collaboration with various professionals. 

This will lead him to participate twice in the Venice Architecture Biennale (2006 and 2010) with the architect Santo Giunta, and to become a senior student in the course of interior design leaded by Grasso Cannizzo ,already gold medal for her career. 

He then co-founded the Spazio|23 studio in Palermo, for which he followed the artistic direction in the design of various private homes, restaurants, lounge bars and commercial activities.

Together with Gianpaolo Rampolla, he founded GRAL design, with which he designed lamps for external companies, exhibiting at the most important trade fairs in the sector (Light+Building, Milan design week).

At the same time he became a close collaborator of MC22 design, a design team that operates mainly in Dubai, for which he created various concepts and visualizations of important private projects in the Arab Emirates.

From 2013 he lives in Berlin where he becomes chief-designer for Patzschke Schwebel Planungsgesellschaft, a renowned architectural firm that deals with the design of new residential buildings and high-end accommodation. 

In recent years, he has also returned to work intensively on interior design, particularly in the restaurant sector.


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